Saturday, February 11, 2006

What Drives Our Trust

I had a great 2 hours with my mentor of nearly 30 years yesterday. We go back to the Fall of 1977, when I was a strapping young football coach and a tadpole in the faith. Speaking of strapping, he obviously had no idea what he was strapping on when he moved into my life! I was quite a project! Still am!

In the midst of the conversation, I was waxing as eloquent as I could when I came upon the following line of thought. See what you think.

We are not our own. We were bought at a price. We are here on this earth with the sole purpose of bringing glory to God. This story is not about ME!

Nobody in their right mind is going to live that way!

Unless. Unless what?

Unless we know, love and trust God.

The BEGINNING point of all this is the love of God.

So, the words of Brennan Manning and others ring ever true and profound:


This is not an event nor is it a transaction. It only begins that way. IT IS A RELATIONSHIP; a hard, mysterious, unpredictable, un-manageable, thrilling, scary, life-giving, life-long and often frustrating RELATIONSHIP!

This is the first thing. Be with Jesus - the lover of you! Push back the stuff of your life so you can hear Him say, "You're mine! I birthed you. I love you beyond limits. You are worth a lot to me. Come and sit with me and be happy!"

Be with him in your alone times.

Be with Him in the lives of your Christ-following friends.

Run to the hem of Jesus as any child of His would (presume upon Him!), stand on tippy-toes, rear your head back so your eyes meet His, raise your hands and watch Him lift you to His warm, loving and secure chest.

And be happy.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Operating Assumptions - Help Me Write My Life

I am dealing with some stuff on a very subterranean level - just what is the story of my life. What have I become as a result of the past? Who am I? What are the values I'd die for? How has God fashioned me so that He can use me in the building of His Kingdom? I am trying to write this stuff down.

Today I have sought to write the Operating Assumptions of my life as a follower of Christ. They are below. I wonder about the following question in light of them: IF EVERYONE HAD THESE VERY SAME ASSUMPTIONS, WOULD THE CHURCH BE HEALTHY AND WOULD GOD'S KINGDOM BE BUILT? I need you to help me EDIT these Assumptions. By EDIT, I mean more than feedback - look for what's not there as it relates to me and my life. Help me as my community to ask: Where is my journey taking me?

I want so much to help build God's Kingdom by assisting in making His Bride, the church, stronger. I am starting by writing stuff down that is in me.

Will you please take time to read, re-read, read between the lines of the following as a way to see what God is up to and where He is taking me?

I know it will be risky - but any comments, questions, remarks, anything that comes from your heart... I'd love to hear it. You can write me back or we can talk in person. And , THANKS.


Being with Jesus is the First Thing.
Being with Jesus allows us to hear His voice.
His Voice speaks of His love for us.
His Voice tells us we are accepted by Him.
His Love motivates our life of Service.
Service is imitating the life of Jesus.
Being with Jesus is a hedge against sin and idolatry.
God’s Word, Prayer and the Disciplines (positioning ourselves for God to work) are vital for Abiding in Christ.

Community is deep life-sharing. It is Relationship.
Community is the essence of the Church.
In Community we become like Christ (Spiritual Transformation).
Community is imitating the life of Jesus with our friends.
We see and experience Jesus in Community.
Community is costly in nature and is not without risk.
Community builds Intimacy.
Community is the first place life change occurs – it is where we “practice” our faith.
Community is the fabric on which our life of Service is sewn.
Community is the “staging area” for Service.
Community is both intentional and organic. It cannot be forced.

Worship is the expression of the “Worthiness” of God.
Worship is both an individual as well as a corporate discipline.
Worship increases our Faith and motivates our Service.